Chris Williams – Attorney


No one like to think about their own death. Making a will can seem intimidating. Don’t worry. A will is simply directions for wrapping up your affairs when you die. A will allows you to control what happens to your property, and who cares for your minor children after you die.

A will is a “living” document. It needs to be updated throughout your life. Change is the only constant in life. New jobs, new homes, new babies…. these events should prompt a review of your will to make sure it still reflects your desires and hopes. You can’t give your ’67 Chevy to your son if you sold it years ago.

Making a will is a straightforward process. You can write it yourself in Utah. Where an attorney can help is:

  1. Explaining the possibilities. General and specific bequests. disinheritance, choosing a personal representative
  2. Explaining how a will fits with insurance, trusts, gifts, and taxes.
  3. Making sure your will is accurate, clear and fully legal.

Contact me if you need assistance with this important document.


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