Chris Williams – Attorney

Medical Directives

A medical directive is also known as a “Living Will.”

We can’t all leave this world in a blaze of glory. For some of us, serious illness and injury will leave us unable to communicate with our doctor, and take an active role in our healthcare.

Creating a medical directive helps in these cases. It is your statement of what procedures and care you wish to receive (or not receive) in the event of life-threatening illness or injury. It also allows you to appoint someone you trust to make medical decisions for you.

Medical directives can also remove a heavy burden from family members at a difficult time. It can preserve family harmony and prevent arguments about what you would have wanted.

A medical directive should be kept with your will, and reviewed when you review your will. Your own thoughts and feelings about medical care may change. Periodically reviewing you medical directive will ensure that it always reflects your current desires about your own care.

Contact me if you need assistance with this important document.


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